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We help people recover from past abuse and prevent future abuse.

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Since 2019, victims.org has served as an advocacy group that provides hope and delivers quality resources and information for victims of sexual abuse. Our vision is a world where everyone is treated with respect and hope to eliminate all forms of sex abuse including but not limited to: child sex aubse, clergy sex abuse, and workplace sex abuse. We help to empower those that thought they didn’t have a voice or recourse against past events to help build guidelines that will prevent future abuse.

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Sexual abuse is not a new phenomenon. It has existed in nearly every country and period through human history. Due to advances in human rights, new laws enacted to help victims, and communication technology we are now in a unique position to help stop sex abuse entirely.

Our vision is to reduce sex abuse by holding both  abusers, and institutions responsible who may have turned their head the other way when sexual abuse could have been avoided.

October 15, 2017.

“Me too” movement started and helped bring attention to many abuses that were occurring to women by powerful institutions and people.

February 14, 2019

Child Victims Act Signed in New York removing previous statute of limitation that prevented many people in the past from filing claims to help end abuse.

December 1, 2019

victims.org created to help deliver resources to victims looking to receive help.

  • largest source of information for sex abuse
  • large source of free therapy sessions
  • free legal and financial services for many survivors of abuse
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Fight back and hold your abuser accountable.

If you want to hold your abuser accountable, you can fight back by reporting the incident here. We keep your personal details confidential to ensure your safety. Even if you do not want to divulge your personal information, you can choose to report anonymously by ticking the box below.


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